UAB Klijų pasaulis

The company was founded in 2003 in Kaunas. The first foreign business partner to trust us was the Norwegian company Dynea AS, which manufactures adhesives for the wood and furniture industry. A few years later, we began collaborating with a Spanish manufacturer of paints and varnishes for the metal and wood industry - Barpimo S.A. In 2012, an agreement was made to represent Durante & Vivan Spa, an Italian adhesive manufacturer. After some time we have launched new products in the market from our couple new partners: Icro Coatings Spa (Italy) – paints and varnishes, and Grünig KG (Germany) - the manufacturer of polyvinyl acetate dispersion adhesives.

UAB Kliju pasaulis activity encompasses Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus.

Our company aim is not only to provide with high quality products for manufacturers but also to carry out consultations and full technical / technological services. Together with our customers, we identify their specific needs, the problems they are dealing with, and provide the best solutions for the materials we sell - whether improving the quality of our products, reducing the costs of paint or adhesive, increasing productivity, or meeting the increasing environmental requirements.

We also cooperate with paint and gluing equipment manufacturers so we can provide composite solutions or advise clients on the equipment they need to purchase.